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Barely Floating Helium Balloons

The sea, my friends is never full

Patty O'Furniture
4 July 1986
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*~*Come visit my city*~*
1920's, 1940's, 88.7, abandoned houses, absinthe, acoustic syndicate, african masks, animal rights, anti-corporation, antique medical instruments, antiques, apartment life, appalachia, appalachian mountains, apples to apples, aspca, backpacking, bagwell, bare feet, being naked, ben folds, bipolar, birkenstocks, black and white photographs, board games, body image, bonnaroo, burt's bees, charles nelson riley, chocolate cake, christian, christian hippie, christmas, christmas lights, christmas weddings, chuck palahniuk, cincinnati, collecting shot glasses, college radio, crafts, cream, cross-stitching, dalmatian, dave matthews band, department 56, djembe, documentaries, dreadlocks, edgar allan poe, emerson lake & palmer, fiona apple, flea markets, flower child, folk art, germany, goetta, golden girls, granny panties, greenville sc, hartke, hating my boyfriend's ex-girlfriends, hemp, hippie, hippie life, hittin' the note, independent stores, insane asylums, isle of palms, jack and coke, jay clifford, jesus, jethro tull, jim morrison, john mayer, jump little children, led zeppelin, loren, love, lowbrow art, making lists, making out, mast general store, matt hartke, men in kilts, mike relm, mike rowe, mitch hedberg, modern art, most evil, nag champa, natural, newport ky, north mississippi allstars, not bathing, ocd, off-beat movies, old family photos, oldenburg, pandora radio, paper parasols, patchouli, perfect eyebrows, pete and pete, pin-ups, pink floyd, rain, ralph steadman, rasputina, ray caesar, scotland, scottish, sex, slow runner, snow, stewie griffin, sugar gliders, sullivan's island, tacori, thao, the gourds, the handlebar, tie-dye, tim burton, tim reynolds, true love, unusual names, victorian, vintage erotica, vintage pin-ups, vinyl records, virginia wolfe, wishbone ash, wncw, wool hats, yankee candles